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So, I would have you check with the manufacturer to see if there are even any options for replacing the CPU. Sometimes, you don’t necessarily change the CPU speed, but you might get a compatible CPU that has more cores.

For example, if you have a dual core processor, perhaps you can upgrade to a quad.

Identification Buying a New Motherboard Replacing the Processor (Desktop Units)Socket 479 and other mobile sockets Replacing the Motherboard Reassembling the Computer Community Q&A As computer technology advances, new software will demand more from your computer, giving you the impression that it is getting slower, taking more time to process events. Upgrading your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is one of the most beneficial things you can do to make your computer run lag-free.

A PC's basic input output system, or BIOS, can be easily accessed to change the computer's processor speed.

Altering the speed of the central processing unit or CPU may improve the computer's performance.

Assuming you’ve already maxed-out your RAM (typically the most effective speed improvement), I might have you consider something else.

The speed of our computers is based on many different things.

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Upgrading a CPU can be frustrating, even though the physical acts of removing a processor and installing its replacement are easy.

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