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And yes, we're also verified by Truste, Mc Afee and the Better Business Bureau. We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive services and expert investigations.Need a private detective to investigate a legal or personal matter? Now the largest private detective agency in the Philippines, Philippine PI is the trusted source for professional private investigation.Of course, every free member can reply Messages from VIP's. i spend most of my time to my family, we cooked together.

Our team consists of highly trained investigators throughout the Philippines, who have experience in law enforcement and/or military. No other Philippines investigation firm has the support, resources and highly trained investigators like Philippine PI™.We offer a wide range of services such as due diligence, missing persons, Philippines background checks, dating verifications and surveillance.When hiring a private detective, it's important to go with a verified company you can trust. Hiring a private detective in the Philippines can be a challenging task. I have ton skin, natural black hair, with average body Blogger, poet and writer, wannabe chef, nature lover, gamer and all around smart ass. I'm a woman with good sense of humor, a nature lover, loves cooking, reading and listening to music.

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