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excited the censors enough to be banned as “not suitable for public exhibition” when shown in London in 1967.Three hundred and sixty-five pairs of buttocks (one for each day of the year) fill the screen with beguiling undulations as their owners walk a treadmill.The defunct hardware chain dominates a list of the state’s top tax delinquents – those owing more than ,000 for at least six months – that is posted on the state Department of Revenue’s website.

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The piece is like a metaphor for life’s frustrations and setbacks – the glass ceiling that thwarts ambition, the prejudice that inhibits progress, the unforeseen circumstance that derails the best laid plan.

Dating back to 1971, the original maze had a lavatory at the centre – a blackly humorous comment on our inability to transcend our animalism.

“For people who are good citizens and do meet their obligations, it’s very frustrating to know there are people out there who just thumb their noses at it,” said Susan Fargo, a former state senator who sponsored legislation that created the list.

Among those on the state’s public tax delinquency list is the company behind Jimbo’s Steak and Fin, a restaurant that replaced Jimbo’s South in Braintree’s Five corners in 2004 but closed after about four years.

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