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Author has written 49 stories for Thor, Lord of the Rings, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, Assassin's Creed, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Steins; Gate/シュタインズ ゲート, How to Train Your Dragon, Tarzan, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Soul Eater, Road to Eldorado, Village, and Fullmetal Alchemist.tumblr: laylanatorseventeen.tumblr Ao3: Laylanator XVIIHey, I'm Layla! If you really wanna know my age I guess you'll do the math yourself. Flaming will do you no good, because I am dead inside and feel nothing, much less your petty little blatherings about the quality of my writing.

I am a fandom whore, although I don't really write for a great variety. I'm open to pretty much any ship, as long as it doesn't involve bestiality or incest or something gross like that. I have too many OTPs to list, honestly, but the ones that pop to mind are Stucky, Royai, Ling Fan, Migulio, and Okabe/Kurisu/Mayuri (yep, that's an OT3, and a very complex one imo, don't ask, i could go on forever.)I will never, ever, ever ship: Tony Stark/JARVIS, Hiccup/Toothless (see: bestiality, and just general notpness), Zutara (I just. If you have a problem with this then you can really just get out, ya'll.

And when news spreads of a blonde-haired girl at the Dragon Master's side, there will be repercussions for dragons and Vikings alike. The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Al deserves to be simple; he deserves to like simple things for simple reasons, society be damned. The bots have missed him – and come up with a crafty new way to show their affection. Written for Cotton Candy Bingo.)Tony had a history of accepting things from people and regretting it almost instantly. Luna lost contact with every one else except her husband, whose identity will shock everyone. Challenge: Trying to move into the Avenger's tower was difficult, mostly because of the rooms. After returning home to District Twelve after the war, Katniss feels empty.

Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin's line with bright red hair. Tony turns his back for a minute and something catches fire. " [Tags: Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pranks and Practical Jokes, Domestic Avengers, Wedding Planning, Weddings, Pining, Misunderstandings, Angst, Memory Loss, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant]A non-linear sequel to Secret Spy And Soldier Shenanigans. That was mostly before he built the bots, though, yet it seems his world is not without perils even after they go online. Written for Cotton Candy Bingo.)In the bomb shelters of District 13, Katniss finds comfort in the last person she expected to get it from, but can she forgive him after everything he's done? Luna/Draco, humor, one-shot Valka never pines for Berk, and aside from pity, the only thing she thinks of her son with is hatred, so sure is she that he'll be exactly the same as every other Viking Berk has ever churned out. They had seen a mechanical kitchen, a closet- garage, a pollo court, a spa even, but a lab? The idea that a lab even existed was preposterous, almost silly. Her grief for Prim consumes her, leaving Katniss helpless.

sorry.)I support the rights of all individuals on the LGBTQIAP spectrum, (A= Asexual/Aromantic, JSYK, btw, tbh, FGS) and headcanon/write several characters as being a part of said spectrum.

Now, if you actually have something constructive to say, then feel free to say it! :-)I always try to reply to reviews, but depending on the length and content of your review there just might not be much to say.

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