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But debt consolidation is not always the best way to deal with debt issues, and it has drawbacks you should be aware of before you move forward with it.What’s more, there are several ways to go about consolidating debt, and depending on your circumstances, one method might make more sense for you than another.

Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of working with your credit union representatives who are focused on your financial well-being.

And, some forms of consolidation are extremely risky.

For instance, if you can’t make your payments on a home equity loan, you may lose your house.

Interest is the fee charged by the creditor to the debtor, generally calculated as a percentage of the principal sum per year known as an interest rate and generally paid periodically at intervals, such as monthly. Although there is variation from country to country and even in regions within country, consumer debt is primarily made up of home loans, credit card debt and car loans.

Household debt is the consumer debt of the adults in the household plus the mortgage, if applicable.

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It’s tempting to pay off all those credit card debts with a new loan, then make just one monthly payment. Most consumers who use bill consolidation or take out debt consolidation loans end up throwing good money after bad.

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