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The second call followed but it was not until he spoke to Miss A.

He asked Miss A what she was doing and introduced himself as James and told her he was watching a bad film.'Miss A asked what he wanted and he said "I want you to open your legs".

is an initiative started by to assist answer sexual wellness related problems virtually, using technology.

Sexual health refers to a state of mental, physical and social well-being with respect to sexuality.

A former Harley Street doctor bombarded female colleagues with lewd and 'heaving breathing' phone calls at 2am after he got drunk following a wedding anniversary meal with his wife, a tribunal has heard.

A property release, is a legal document signed by the owner of the object, subject or premise at which a photograph was taken, granting permission to publish / distribute / use the photograph in one form or another.

An investigation by Imperial College London team found that doctors and nurses use apps, text messages and picture messaging to share clinical information about patients, with some forgetting to delete the details afterwards.

Writing in the journal BMJ Innovations, they said: ‘Owing to a lack of data encryption and necessary security modules, the transmission of patient information [in this way] is currently unsecure and may result in the inadvertent disclosure of highly sensitive and confidential data, particularly if handsets are lost, stolen or viewed by unauthorised users.’ The report authors said: ‘Doctors and nurses must also be aware that the medical health apps market is currently under-regulated and that defective apps are capable of causing patient harm' (file picture)A spokesman for the campaign group med Confidential said: ‘While no doubt these messages are being sent to facilitate the best care of patients, there are serious concerns about the safety of such sensitive patient information being sent - unencrypted and unsecured some instances - from personal device to personal device.

He claimed he was only ringing the clinic as he needed medication and was 'burping and retching' at the time of the calls.

The Medical Practioners Tribunal Service in Manchester this week was told that the incident occurred in November last year after Omara, from Rushmere St Andrew, Ipswich, had been out for dinner with his wife.

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