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He approached the cashier, said he had a gun, and demanded that she hand over the store’s supply of the Izms, an imitation marijuana product.

The cashier gave him several dozen candy-coloured packets, each containing 1.25 grams.

With the exception of their more recent flicks like Moana, Disney’s always been pretty terrible at writing women, fetishizing these doe-eyed barely-legals with bodies more fragile than a baby bird’s and absolutely nothing better to do with their lives than chase after rich white idiots who seem a little dead inside.

But after going back and watching the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast again, I realized just how terrible they seem to think men are. Disney reeeeeally shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back for finally acknowledging that gay folks exist after decades of excluding them entirely from their films.

Vernon Hills police arrested Brunson after investigating claims that he grabbed the woman's arm, tried to force her to perform a sex act and pulled her shirt down.

Police reports and early testimony show that Brunson received six massages from the woman beginning in December 2011.

Sorry to ruin it for anyone, but what we’ve really got on our hands here is yet another reincarnated version of that old patriarchal myth about men just needing the right woman (preferably a hot, pushover type) to change them. “Train” them like the dogs society tells them they are. And stories like this only serve to reinforce that silly idea that women are better than men and, therefore, should bear the burden of saving men from themselves. Emma also bragged about how modern this remake is because Belle not only likes to read (WOW!!! I get goosebumps just thinking about the Magic Kingdom and how it made me feel as a kid when my mom would drive me and my sister 28 hours round trip every summer to hug Mickey in person.

And even though this is an impossible task and not our job, the terrible behavior of—some—men is still somehow our fault because we can’t actually stop it. It’s just another outdated Disney flick that needs to be retired. Decades later, I still know every single word of every single song from The Little Mermaid because I will always love that movie, despite the fact it’s about a smart woman winning over a man by batting her freakishly oversized eyes and shutting the fuck up.

Last January 19, around p.m., a man walked into the Love Shop, an erotica store in downtown Hamilton.The masseuse told police that she had asked Brunson in September 2013 not to request her for massages anymore.Former Chicago Bull Rick Brunson is going to trial after declining to take a plea deal on charges that he sexually assaulted a masseuse in Vernon Hills.After he was exposed as flying commercial like the rest of us, Twitter briefly became good again as users focused their creative energies on owning the TV host via the #Bow Wow Challenge.This morning, the rapper-turned-tv-personality-turned-meme sat down with Hot 97 to promote his upcoming WE tv show and addressed the false private jet picture before the hosts could even ask.

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