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Dear Prudence, When my husband was 16, he began an affair with his aunt, his mother’s brother’s wife. We have been together for three years and have young children.

She was 35, and I believe she took advantage of him and lured him into an affair when her marriage was falling apart. He told me about this affair before we were serious, and he said it had been true love. At times he has even wondered how he got so lucky with our family given his “great sin.” The problem is that because he is close with his cousins, his aunt’s children, she still has access to our lives.

I have no reason to believe he is in contact with her. Even deleting them would not guarantee she will be gone from the picture. Dear Anti, So you have come to an agony aunt for your aunt agony.

But he asked me to accept his cousins’ friend requests on Facebook, which I did and now regret. I want to delete his cousins and asked him to delete them, but he says they are his cousins and he can’t. I agree with you that a 35-year-old woman who finds sexual and emotional comfort with her 16-year-old nephew is a predator.

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Were this about an uncle and niece, no one would think otherwise.

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